Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle form of osteopathic treatment that aims to release stresses and strains throughout the body but often focuses on the cranial bones in the head. Through placing their hands very lightly onto the patient’s body, osteopaths attempt to pick up subtle changes in the underlying tissues and then help them to gently unwind and release. It is a very safe and often relaxing form of treatment that can benefit a wide range of patients.

Cranial osteopathy can be helpful for some babies. They are often subjected to considerable mechanical force as they grow during pregnancy and as they pass through the birth canal during labour. The bones in the baby’s head are soft and able to move and overlap each other in order to facilitate birth. Sometimes this can lead to babies being born  with odd shaped or asymmetrical heads. The use of forceps or ventouse during difficult births can also be a factor.

In many babies these strains are resolved naturally as they grow and the head returns to a more symmetrical shape. However this is not always the case and cranial osteopathy is believed to help babies with this natural process. It has also been reported by new parents that cranial osteopathy may help settling down common problems such as colic or babies with poor sleep patterns.