I visited Vivos Osteopaths in Cambridge following a neck injury that had left me with a very stiff and painful neck and shoulders. It got so bad that I began to suffer from regular migraine type headaches and I even had trouble moving my arms. I had a course of treatment with Yousif which helped loosen up my neck and upper body and considerably reduced my pain. I have also been headache free over the last 6 months.

Kaisa:  Research Associate


I have been receiving treatment from Yousif the Cambridge Osteopath in his clinic at the Frank Lee Centre  because I have a severe right hip problem. His approach has been very professional, effective and tailored to my individual needs. He understood and identified the issues very quickly and after just a few weeks I have been feeling less pain and an improvement in the range of movement in my hip.

Sabina: Researcher

I went to the Cambridge Osteopath,  Vivos at the Frank Lee Centre on the recommendation of a friend after experiencing increasing pain in my shoulder. Yousif thoroughly examined my shoulder and was able to quickly determine the cause of the pain. I began to see an improvement after my first session, and was given plenty of advice about additional things to do between sessions such as the use of ice packs and appropriate NSAID support (much more than the standard A4 sheet of stretching exercises!). My shoulder problem gradually resolved, and I now go back for occasional treatments to ensure my shoulder remains well. I'd happily recommend them to anyone - the knowledge and treatment are first class.

Natasha: Cardiophysiologist


I have suffered with back pain on and off for many years and Yousif, the Cambridge Osteopath always manages to sort me out helping me back to my normal routine again.

Sarah,  Accounts

I had been in constant pain with my hip and left foot for at least six weeks. After just TWO sessions an improvement was felt and after FOUR sessions all of the pain was gone. No further problems. Thank you both for your help.

Kieron: Recently Retired

The service that I have received has been first class with excellent advise on how to help with the foot problem that I have had for over two years and long term back issues associated with being a nurse. The advice and treatments received enabledme to deal with the on going pain, not only reducing it but stopping  the need for on going pain relief.

I would highly recommend this service to any one suffering from back pain, leg or feet pain and wanting to understand the symptoms of the pain and making you feel in control again.

Sue, Administration